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Princess of Eboli has four rooms which allow for all kinds of events in the south of Madrid, endowed with the maximum comfort and the latest technology solutions to assure a success.

Depending on your needs and assemblies, our classrooms have a variable capacity of 15 to 400 people, offering the possibility of holding any meeting requiring restoration services.

In addition to our classrooms, Princess of Eboli has two terraces multifunctional where you can hold your coffee break or lunch, product, or even relax after a day's work with our after work.

If in addition to your meeting you need Accommodation services, please contact us meeting our packages.


Torre de Éboli I

The Éboli I room is 23,24m2. Seats fit between 10 and 15 people. Standing 40 Question without obligations which menus work can offer . We have available , notepads , pens, flip chart , pens , mineral water and sweets . Audiovisual equipment and wireless Internet access .

Floorsize: 23m2

10 6 20 9 6

Torre de Éboli II

The Éboli II room has a floor space of 41,24m2 making it an ideal time to share space with 50 people . It is perfect for events near Madrid middle groups. Handy to all amenities of the Hotel Princesa de Eboli , including free wireless Internet.

Floorsize: 41m2

BanqueteEscuelaCóctelTeatroImperialForma U
20 12 40 18 12 15

Torre de Éboli III

The room has 241m2 Éboli III , resulting in wider near Madrid hotel room. The arrangement of tables and chairs will allow you to accommodate between 50 and 300 people. Handy for all our services , including free wireless Internet.

Floorsize: 240m2

BanqueteEscuelaCóctelTeatroImperialForma U
150 80 300 260 40 32

Torre de Éboli IV

The Tower of Eboli IV Hall has 66m2 at your disposal for organizing all kinds of events . It has a maximum capacity of 60 guests cocktail assembly, and has natural light and free WiFi internet.

Floorsize: 66m2

BanqueteEscuelaCóctelTeatroImperialForma U
40 18 60 25 20 15

Restaurante Privado

Our Restaurant has a 87m2 Private room, natural light and WiFi internet access, it is ideal for holding all kinds of banquets for up to 60 people in cocktail format. Ask for a quote!

Floorsize: 87m2

BanqueteEscuelaCóctelTeatroImperialForma U
40 30 60 36 20 15

Torre de Éboli I + II

These two rooms offer a combined space of 64m2 whose maximum capacity is 90 people. Amenities of our audiovisual equipment to make your meeting a success. At your disposal you will have free Internet access and the usual benefits of Sercotel Princesa de Eboli.

Floorsize: 64m2

BanqueteEscuelaCóctelTeatroImperialForma U
40 24 60 35 18 15

Torre de Eboli I + II + III

The three rooms combined give a total space of 331m2 , which can hold events in Pinto, near Madrid up to 400 people . Assembly, as well as pens , notepads , paper board and water is included . Also offers complimentary wireless Internet access.

Floorsize: 331m2

BanqueteEscuelaCóctelTeatroImperialForma U
192 80 400 342 40 32

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